Landscape Planning and Design in Mountain Environments IS Different! - Part One

Kings Canyon National Park
Kings Canyon National Park | Photo by Robie Litchfield

In some ways Landscape Design in warmer climates is similar, but in many ways, it is VERY Different!  A number of factors play into the planning and design of mountain landscaping.  Following are areas where the differences affect design and planning so that Mountain Landscape Projects can not only survive but thrive.  In Part One we discuss critical aspects of the Mountain Environment that influence planning and design for snow country living.

In Part One we’ll discover what drives design for the mountains.

What is Mountain Style?

rustic modern home
Rustic Modern Home with local native plants – trees shrubs and wildflowers

contemporary log home
Contemporary log home with varied roof directions and pitches

Snow – Where does it Come From? Where Does it Go? Where can it Go?  How does it get there?

What can we do about Ice?

branch with ice

paver walkway

mountain and lake

Paver walkway – without a subsurface melt system will ice up if not frequently maintained or a chemical ice melt applied

Where Does the White Go When Snow Melts?

In Part Two, we’ll explore some key challenges, in addition to snow and ice, presented in the Wester Mountain Landscape.